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Reinvention Mode

Nefertara Feb 28, 2014

reinvention mode.
create, destroy, & reset.

Life is cyclical and the only constant is change. Artistic evolution should be a constant internal & external revolution. What is the point of living without growth? Art should never be comfortable or confined.

During, these last few years life has really thrown me some earth shattering curve-balls. Creating art has always been my refuge. As a young person I lost control over my physical health and at times felt that I was a shadow skating between the realms of the living and of the dead. No matter how far you fall you can always bounce back. The shattered shards of your soul can be retrieved and revived. No one should be discarded. Don't give up hope. Others may offer you support but deep down only you can heal your own wounds.

Currently, I am at a point where I feel that the broken pieces are reconfiguring into something far more advanced, fearless, and more powerful than ever. My own physical afflictions serve me as constant reminders of the reality of suffering of others. I am sick of creating purely aesthetic surface wallpaper. I am a perfectionist driven by my own inner compulsion to create and innovate. I am insatiable. My third eye has been permanently pryed open and I feel like now is the time to start really using my voice.

Expect things to get much darker

The central part of my artistic journey has always been experimentation and i feel that now i am ready to level up.


Nefertara Feb 15, 2014


people have often asked me why i like to transform myself. the reason is simple it is freeing. When i become a creature i temporarily transcend gender and feel free from conforming to the constraints of mainstream beauty.

Yes, i get a rush from experimenting. Typically, I do small spontaneous shoots while i am waiting for my other art projects to dry.

Growing up I was an awkward ginger kid and I never felt like i fit in. Pretty quickly i developed a thick skin from being the receiver of incessant  bullying. I decided instead of trying to make myself fit other people's views of what was acceptable that I was going to do the opposite and push on in my own direction. 

When i first started applying makeup as a preteen i usually only applied makeup to transform myself and i hardly used it for the sake of beautification. I felt ugly and that no degree of normal makeup would ever make me pretty. Transforming myself seemed to be a temporary way to rid myself from my insecurities.

During this time I went to restrictive Catholic school and I got in a lot of trouble with the administration over my avant-garde looks. Several rules were added to the student handbook ,  i was sent home because of my outlandish style, and the worst was having the brutal assistant principal forcibly scrub my makeup off of my face. One of my teachers said one day she will be a fashion designer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nefertara Feb 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!
Remember that the original message of Valentine's day was spreading compassion. Love is not limited to erotica et romance. When you love yourself first then you can share love with the rest of creation.
(self-portrait as Turan, the Etruscan Goddess of Love (dress/crown by The Church of Vanity)
Taran or Turan is my namesake and is the pre-Roman version of Venus/Aphrodite the Romans reduced her to a sexual plaything to give more power to Mars. The original Goddess was a nurturing creator/mother goddess of compassion. the Romans celebrated her as the mother of their civilization in their festival Venus Genetrix. Venus is the patron goddess of vanity so basically the church of vanity is just a Venusian cult.

Venetian Carnival 2014

Nefertara Feb 11, 2014

(vintage glass brochure from a shop owned by some distant relatives of mine)

So the Olympics, fashion week, and Valentine's day  are all cool but there is another February event that owns my heart. 

This weekend marks the beginning of the annual Venetian carnival.
Next year, i will be floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola in full Venetian splendor.  This year i am creating some Venetian art in honor of my ancestor's festival.

You better believe that I wish that i could hop into a time machine back to an 18th century Venetian Carnival.

Even-though, i am an American mutt i feel like my Venetian roots have perhaps inspired my art the most.  My grandmother's family Nason has over a thousand years of history in Venice. i am the spawn of Machiavellian Venetian merchants & free spirited glass artisans.  One day i will direct a period movie set in Venezia that would make Fellini blush.

other selling factors for me are

1. the largest oil painting in the world on canvas is in the Venetian Doge's palace

"the Coronation of the Virgin" by Tintoretto

2. prominent mermaid symbolism in art

(i want this book )

3. masks! costumes! balls!

4. fresh seafood

(photos by nefertara)

5. I studied abroad in Venice

6. the official dog of Venice is a maltese. Venetian traders used to trade malteses for luxury goods.

(Woman with a Mirror (1512-1515) by Titian. She is an example of idealized Venetian beauty)

7. Venetian blonde - a shade of dark strawberry blonde is my natural hair color

(photo by nefertara)

8. gelato

9. Venice is named after my favorite Goddess Venus. 

10. the Mediterranean

11. the architecture

12. Casanova

13. pistachio cookies

14. San Marco is my favorite church in creation

15. gold, mosaics, and tiles

16. beaches

17. a fabulous film festival!

18. Venetian painted ceilings

19. Venetian mirrors

20. Titian, Veronese, Tiepolo, Vivaldi, and Tintoretto

 21. The lion of St Mark

(photo by nefertara)

Hot fashion label alert! MUZEUM

Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

Check out my friend Tokyo Diiva's new fashion label

MŪZEŪM is a fashion collaboration between Kjersti Vatle and Tokyo Diiva.

Here are my favorite shots from their ready to wear fashion show this week in Oslo, Norway.

Super glam with some 90s inspired rockstar edge.

I am excited to see more!

Hot or not?

(photos from

follow Toyko Diiva on instagram

the designers
Kjersti Vatle and Tokyo Diiva.

Courtney Love Inspired

Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

1950s pink feather hat by Mr. Michael

available here

What's your moon sign? Mine is Aries.....impulsive, wild, & assertive

“Le jardin d’Eden” Dress by Valentino

Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

j'adore! what details! the tree of life is made out of pheasant feathers.
"Valentino spring 2014 couture collection-
“Le jardin d’Eden”, a zirconium-colored tulle dress, embroidered in silk threads, with a scene of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden inspired by the painting "Adam and Eve" by Lucas Cranach in 1526, taking 2,200 hours to hand embroider."


original painting by Lucas Cranach from 1525

Now trending: Leg Chains

Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

  Now trending: Leg chains. A few months ago I spotted these on the runway at Boston Fashion week and I have coveted them since! Not only are leg chains super flirty they also take a strong woman who exudes confidance to carry them off.  All of the Leg chains shown are designed by award winning Boston based designer T*racy.    Leg chains are regal,  super futuristic, and a fun way to adorn your legs. These would look hot with a dress for a night out!!! They are perfect for any glamazon warrior queen.    All of T*racy's leg chains are handmade in the USA   to pre-order contact T*racy here   website       follow on facebook   Credits (for all photos): Jewelry: T*Racy by Tracy Belben; Clothing: Julie Kontos; Handbags: The Kitchen Sink Bag; Makeup: Ashleigh Taylor Makeup; Hair: Alyssa Ashley Professional Hair Designs; photos by Dan Minicucci Photography; Event: DH Studios, Inc's Boston Fashion Week Presentation.  

Gunmetal Chain Cross Shin Guard, $125 (individually) $225 (per pair)
  BFW look, with shin guard Gold Tasseled leg garter, $50 (individual), $90 (per pair)
* tassel is detachable on leg garter   Embellished anklet, $40 Individually, $70 per pair. Gunmetal Chain Cross Shin Guard, $125 (individually) $225 (per pair)

    Pre-order pieces by emailing Credits (for all photos): Jewelry: T*Racy by Tracy Belben; Clothing: Julie Kontos; Handbags: The Kitchen Sink Bag; Makeup: Ashleigh Taylor Makeup; Hair: Alyssa Ashley Professional Hair Designs; photos by Dan Minicucci Photography; Event: DH Studios, Inc's Boston Fashion Week Presentation. Models: chain shin guard photo, Darcila; Tasseled Garter, Natalia; Anklets, Evelyn.

Nefertara's Art Show at Out of the Blue Gallery

Nefertara Jan 30, 2014

Hi friends,

I am doing an art show in Cambridge, MA at Out of the Blue Gallery on Feb 22nd 2014!

Live music, models, painting, and fashion!

event page is here

New Vintage Esty store

Nefertara Jan 30, 2014

Hi friends,

I opened a new etsy store that is just vintage + antiques and the churchofvanity store will just be for my original creations.

More listings soon!!

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