"Dress as if Your Soul is Naked"

Dragon motherpic

"Dragon mother"

"Dragon mother" lunar crown and eyelashes by The Church of Vanity 1950s silk robe from Korea (self-portrait)
Nefertara Mar 06, 2014

Drawings/Paintings by Nefertara

Drawings/Paintings by Nefertara
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Nefertara Mar 04, 2014

Reinvention Mode

reinvention mode.create, destroy, & reset.Life is cyclical and the only constant is change. Artistic evolution should be a constant internal & external revolution. What is…
Nefertara Feb 28, 2014
Streight Angular - Will Smith Official Videovid

Streight Angular - "Will Smith" [Official Video]

Brand new video from my friends Al and Andrew's band Streight Angular. Streight Angular are always causing a storm in the local Boston music scene. They…
Nefertara Feb 27, 2014
All Our Love by Gentlemen Hallvid

All Our Love by Gentlemen Hall

Check out the new video "All Our Love" by my friend's band Gentlemen Hall.  
Nefertara Feb 24, 2014


changeling people have often asked me why i like to transform myself. the reason is simple it is freeing. When i become a creature i…
Nefertara Feb 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember that the original message of Valentine's day was spreading compassion. Love is not limited to erotica et romance. When you love…
Nefertara Feb 13, 2014

Nefertara's Photo Stream

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Nefertara Feb 12, 2014

Venetian Carnival 2014

(vintage glass brochure from a shop owned by some distant relatives of mine)So the Olympics, fashion week, and Valentine's day  are all cool but there…
Nefertara Feb 11, 2014

Hot fashion label alert! MUZEUM

Check out my friend Tokyo Diiva's new fashion label MŪZEŪM. MŪZEŪM is a fashion collaboration between Kjersti Vatle and Tokyo Diiva. Here are my favorite shots…
Nefertara Feb 07, 2014
the birth of the hive and the death of the hive by Nefertarapic

the birth of the hive and the death of the hive by Nefertara

the birth of the hive and the death of the hive both paintings are by Nefertara
Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

Courtney Love Inspired

1950s pink feather hat by Mr. Michael available here What's your moon sign? Mine is Aries.....impulsive, wild, & assertive
Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

“Le jardin d’Eden” Dress by Valentino

j'adore! what details! the tree of life is made out of pheasant feathers. "Valentino spring 2014 couture collection- “Le jardin d’Eden”, a zirconium-colored tulle dress…
Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

Now trending: Leg Chains

nbsp; Now trending: Leg chains. A few months ago I spotted these on the runway at Boston Fashion week and I have coveted them since! Not…
Nefertara Feb 07, 2014

dark beauty

dark fashion & beauty
2 new pics
Nefertara Jan 30, 2014

Nefertara's Art Show at Out of the Blue Gallery

Hi friends, I am doing an art show in Cambridge, MA at Out of the Blue Gallery on Feb 22nd 2014! Live music, models, painting, and fashion! event…
Nefertara Jan 30, 2014

New Vintage Esty store

Hi friends, I opened a new etsy store that is just vintage + antiques and the churchofvanity store will just be for my original creations. Follow…
Nefertara Jan 30, 2014
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Fashion designer + Mermaid love child of Frida Kahlo+Marie Antoinette.

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